From daily lawn care maintenance to landscape design and project management, we handle it all! Our services meet your yearlong needs to keep your lawn and yard looking its best through all the seasons.


Weekly Mowing & Lawn Maintenance

  • Weekly mowing consists of removing debris on lawn
  • Mowing at a height of 3-3.5 inches, depending on the characteristics of the lawn
  • Edging curb lines for a crisp, manicured look
  • Blowing or collecting grass clippings
  • If desired, we can address weed growth and maintenance

Spring Clean Up

It is important to do a spring clean up to remove any winter debris such as sticks, leaves, etc. This will give your lawn a healthy start for the new season.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is done in the spring and fall. It reduces soil compaction allowing water, air and fertilizer to move into the root zone, resulting in a healthy root base.


Thatching is done in the spring to remove any dead grass from the lawn. By removing dead grass, insects and disease are better controlled.


We make sure your lawn is getting just the right amount of nutrients it needs to achieve its full potential. Your property will be fertilized six times a year using dry, granular fertilizer. We do not use phosphorus-based fertilizers. The granules will be blown away from any hard surfaces and back onto the lawn to help prevent runoff.


Pruning the shrubs at least once each year is important to help maintain their size and shape. Some faster-growing shrubs may require additional pruning. Any trees in the landscape that need to be pruned will be done upon your request.